To the mountains!

Going to the mountains with the school is always great once we get up there! Even though I never went skiing today, I still had a lot of fun hanging out under the tree we "camped" under.

What a beautiful country Norway is <3 

The best part of the day is finishing early :-)


Tequila, body shots and skinny dipping

I love Saturday, I love my friends and I love life atm! And I only have one more assignment to hand in before going to Spain next Monday!!



Today has been an awesome day. Started out ditching the gym because Helenah forgot she had a driving lesson! Her "teacher" used to be my teacher aswell, so I just joined the backseat for an hour.

After a nice and free trip around Volda, me and PLL(*) prepared and personalised our red pants for May!  

This is the result! Got a few more things to do with it though. 

Overall a very good day :-)

(*) PLL- PLL is the short version of my vans concept, which is "Pretty Little Liars'14"


Collector for charity

I have no idea if "bøssebærer" exist in english, but the closest I can think of is charity collector. If it makes any sense?

Anyway, every year, the Russ in my town collect money for charity as an important and meaningful tradition. We are about 150 Russ in my year, and I think about 80-100 people collected money. This year we collected money for the Norwegian Cancer Society(*). Me and my friend went to about 40 houses, just about every person we met gave money. I think cancer is something most people can relate to and have history with in one way or another.

I am proud to say that we collected about 126 000kr, which  is a lot :-)

(*) The Norwegian Cancer Society- In Norwegian; "kreftforeningen". It is a nationwide organisation that addresses the challenges of cancer and funds some of the research the doctors/scientists are working on.



Throwback Thailand.. thinking what a weird and magical trip it was.

missing this guy. 

can you imagine spending the night here? We diid.. on bambus haha.. it was very windy and cold during the night, but no mosquitos!