Outlet and alphabet disco

On friday my sister came back home for the weekend, so on Saturday we went to an outlet in Sula (old industrial place) where they sell "winter" clothes. Since I'm gonna have a 5 month summer soon,  I didn't get as spoiled as my sister, buut I got socks and a scarf for the fall. 


Then came Saturday night. We were not supposed to go out, but spontaneously we did and we found us some costume and began on the wine.. 

And now I'm ready for Rythm and Vines festival in New Zealand! loveit. 

speaking of R&V, Sticky Fingers (from Australia) were just announced to play and I love them! 


Melshornet (807 m)

This morning before work me and Hanne went hiking on Melshornet! It was hell. buut the top felt awesome.


there is nothing rarer and more beautiful than liking every song on an album

Roo Panes.. to see you live is now #1 on my bucketlist. 

I was snooking around on Spotify last night, because it happens a lot that I discover treasures like Roo Panes. Listen to THIS playlist and two of his awwwsme songs.


Sunday pt. 2

Sleeping, Mumford and Sounds, pizza, Pepsi Max, funny tweets, tv-series, scrapbooking