My awesome week

My week has been awesome. On monday it was Jonsok(*) so me and some friends had a bbq and watched Mexico vs. Croatia, go Mexico!! After the bbq me and Madeleine decided to drive to Geiranger, where we spent the night at Hanne's place. We woke up to beautiful surroundings and went to have a look at all the touristic places we could think of. Ørnesvingen, the Queens chair and Dalsnibba.


Queens chair


After Geiranger we thought we would go home, buut instead we went to Brikdalsbreen in Olden. It's a glacier, part of Jostedalsbreen, Norway's biggest glacier. And wow, amazing place.

We came home late and I mentally prepared for the final AFS camp that was coming up the next morning. This is the last camp for exchange students in Norway before they go home. Amazing group of people, and it is so fascinating listening to them speaking norwegian. A Canadian boy spoke so good I thought he was one of the leaders! We have this camp so they can prepare for the culture "shock" they might run into when they get home. But most of the time we played cards and volleyball.

At the moment I'm really tired. We took the bus from Haugen gård in Oppdal around 20.00-ish. And we arrived at Gardermoen around 2.30 in the morning. I slept in the bus, but not good at all because I was freezing. So that's why I'm tired.. It's 7 am and I slept maybe 1 hour, definitely worth it though! 

The Canadian with the perfect Norwegian! (Trønder) 

Rainbow road! :D 

Germany and Switzerland <3

Ohh and I almost forgot to say that I passed High School!! I found out last Friday at 11pm, and me and Madeleine just had to celebrate. We got drunk and had an awesome talk with Michal and he drove us to Shell to get food at 5am in the morning! 


Jonsok(*)- How we celebrate it HERE


inspiration #2

And this is exactly what we are gonna do November/December in Australia and New Zealand on The Trip that I will write all about later.. 

The source is found on one of my companions on the trip (Inga, Germany) tumblr


Your world of text

Hey! Tumblr is something that i use A LOT. to calm down and to get inspiration. I've seen a lot of tumblr's with this on their page:

It's so cool!! I can type anywhere and write whatever I please. Sooo.. I had to make one myself and it would be awesome if you would write something cool there .. :D 

Make my day HERE 

The tumblr world is amazing and I recommend it to everyone. Doesn't matter what you are into, there are blogs for whatever interest you might have. People are craazy. 

this is a little piece of my tumblr world, http://wedontwastenorprecioustimee.tumblr.com


My weeknd

Finally the World Cup has begun! My cousing Mathis Bolly is in the Ivory Coast squad, so me and my family are really proud and exited to see if he will get any time on the field :D

On Saturday my boss hosted a work-party. It was great food a free drinks, we even had a rowing competition that me and Birte won! I love my job and my colleges.

My new lock screen background <3 Some of the Bosnian players are really attractive.



Couple of things happening at the moment! Im hooked on Lorde, my best friend has turned 20(!!), i have my oral exam in religion on friday, i have a tv-show to recommend, game of thrones season finale next week, my room is tidy and clean, i might move to my grandparents house this summer aand i have some photos to share from Tuesday, I actually went on two roadtrips.

first, my favorite songs from Lorde that goes on repeat



Hanne, my friend for 14 years turned 20 yesterday!! It's a funny story. I was on a roadtrip that was pretty random with two friends, suddenly we decide to drive to Geiranger 1.30 Am or something. I called Hanne because she lives there, I had no idea it was her birthday because im a terrible friend. We arrive and she tells me "But you have to be 20 to enter the club........" WHOAA happy birthday!!! hahaha worst friend, I win.. 

Love yoou, can't wait for THE TRIP

Neext on my happenings is my oral exam!! I am so happy. Im having my exams in religion, which is the best subject, because it's certain that I'm gonna pass. I have actually read a lot about Islam and I have a lot of respect for it. I wish people in general could be more open and not think that all muslims are terrorists etc. I really like the arabic culture. 

Speaking of important issues, if you have HBO or you download TV-programmes, watch VICE! It's such a good series. It shows issues that are extremely important, but we don't read about them in our newspapers (because they are more interested in gossip).  Fascinating stories. 

Game Of Thrones ends on monday!! I'm so exited, but also very scared.. 

Me, Madeleine and Hilde went on a roadtrip to Stryn, where we found a way down to the fjord and we had a tiny BBQ. Amazing weather. 

And here are a few snapshots from our drive to Geiranger, we came home 5 AM. 



On Thursday we had our graduation! Most of the girls wore a "bunad" (Norway's national costume) and the boys wore a suit. Speeches, songs and food were central in the celebration. When the formal part was done, we went out to get druunk.