Tiny russeshoot

Yesterday four of us went to Fosnavåg in Herøy to fix the soundsystem in our van.  When we finished we took some photos that turned out pretty cool;



The last days of my easter holiday was spent in Ålesund in Madeleine's new apartment. We arrived late sunday night so all we did on sunday was eating and chatting. On monday we woke up late and drove to McDonald's and bought a Mcflurry that we ate on the way up to Fjellstua(*). Ålesund is an amazing city to admire from a view, especially on a sunny day like today.

eating ice cream and walking up all those stairs is actually really exhausting, haha 


Fjellstua(*)-This is a must-see that can't be underlined enough. Today we walked up about 400 stairs, but you can easily drive all the way up. The view is breathtaking both daytime and nighttime. 


Down under

It's happening!! Tickets are booked and I'm going down under with two of my closest friends <3
November 10th me, Inga and Hanne take of! The plan is a roadtrip on the gold coast where we will stay at hostels and just enjoy life. And maaaybe a trip to Perth, still not certain if I can afford it.

If we make it to Cairns, next stop is Auckland, New Zealand! Where we will spend x-mas somewhere and new years at Rythm and Vines in Gisborne. 

And after New Zealand, I will go straight to Vietnam where I'm gonna study development for three months! 


Le tour de eiffel

It's funny how a lot of the french people we met in Paris had never been to the eiffel tower, but we were there or around the area almost every day! I guess one of the things of being a tourist is being attracted to attractions.

Ohhh how I miss Paris.


My friends are true vikings

As i explained in this post, we get quests that we can decide wether we wan't to do or not. Today a lot of people in my year decided to do the one where you go for a swim before 1. March. And they did it. In the fjord.. :p I never considered doing it at the time, but now i sort of regret, because it would have been an awesome story to tell. Here are some photos:

while they freeze, we eat. 



Came home from Stryn today! Had such a good time with music, food, laughter, roadtrips, shisha and horror-stories before going to bed. We didn't really do anything in Stryn, except shopping alcohol and clothes!


Before I die #1

1. Trans-Siberian Railway, Moscow - Beijing | Moscow - VladivostokRussia

Its the longest train journey in the world, 7 time zones and 9071km. I don't know why I wanna do this, but it seems incredible. 



Monday 31/3, me and 22 fellow students from the senior year went to Torremolinos on a school-trip! It was a very good trip. Just about perfect.

Soccer, padel, kayaking, wind-surfing, all inclusive(didn't spend any money on food), Irish(MEN), samboca and tequila, beachvolley, rugby, hangover, hot instructors, awkward gym, laughing, supermercado, drunk, sex-talks.. I think this sums up the trip (-:

The beach was 10 minutes walking from our hotel! 

This beach had A LOT of rocks.. I think we spent 30-50 minutes cleaning the sand where we played beachvolley. You can see a whole heap of stones on the side, where we play

Gibraltar! We are exited because Marocco is right behind us.. We were supposed to go on an excursion to Marocco, but it is way to dangerous. 

Cute monkeys!! We took a taxi instead of walking 3 hours, because we were pretty tired from the bus. And the further we got up on the mountain, the more monkeys! And when we got to the top, the drivers were best friends with the monkeys and we were allowed to have them on our shoulders :-D

Me and Hilde bought the same shorts at the Nike outlet! Tough sport, but fun once we got into it. 

We had a few drinks every night, but I only went outside the hotel drunk once. We met these Irish hunks on a bar/pub near the hotel! All married with kids, haha. 

Spain was so awesome we almost got a tattoo!