Oslo, costumes and a trip to Ålesund

Is what I've been doing this month. Last Friday I had to fly down to Oslo to get my Vietnam Visa. The process didn't take longer than 5 minutes.
So with no money for shopping and terrible weather, there was no cheaper option than McDonalds. I think I sat there for an hour before heading over to the central station to meet my sister.

A long day, but getting the visa was definitely worth it.

"Oktoberfest" is also a tradition in Norway. We dressed up and had a blast! 

On Friday 31st (aka Halloween), two of my dearest friends were celebrating their 19th and 20th birthday. 

And today it's 7 days until takeoff!! Me and Hanne met in Ålesund to do some final preparations for the trip. I finally got my international drivers license so I'm all set for Australia. 

 Change the background to the Sydney Opera house and that will be me in 7 days :))


18 days

There is so much I have to take care of so my feelings are mixed about leaving so soon. I have to go to Oslo on Friday to fix my Vietnam visa. Silly me didn't think about it earlier..It's too risky sending my passport in the mail so close to the trip

Other events this month has been going out to Rokken events such as open mic, quiz and disco. We should get a vip entrance because we go there so much. 

I bought hostel-chill-friendly clothes

Taken mirrorselfies 

And enjoyed the weather (from inside)

Yesterday I had an early shift at work so I watched three love-movies. First "The Fault In Our Stars" that made me cry 10 times. Since i cried so much I watched "Frozen" as second, and the third movie was "Endless Love". If you are a tumblr girl like me you must have seen gifs and photos of the movie and even reblogged stuff from the movie. I didn't know the gif bellow was from the movie. And while this car scene and a bunch of other cool scenes was playing, the best part was actually the song. Pumpin Blood- NONONO was playing and I was almost crying because I loved life as I watched the movie and listened to the song.



October is my favorite month. The colours, the weather and scarfs!

See why I love the colours??

We've also been drinking (ahah we look mean)

And me, Hilde and Madeleine went on a tinyy hike, 247 moh. Refreshing and fun trip that took us about 30 minutes up and down I think, haha.


Outlet and alphabet disco

On friday my sister came back home for the weekend, so on Saturday we went to an outlet in Sula (old industrial place) where they sell "winter" clothes. Since I'm gonna have a 5 month summer soon,  I didn't get as spoiled as my sister, buut I got socks and a scarf for the fall. 


Then came Saturday night. We were not supposed to go out, but spontaneously we did and we found us some costume and began on the wine.. 

And now I'm ready for Rythm and Vines festival in New Zealand! loveit. 

speaking of R&V, Sticky Fingers (from Australia) were just announced to play and I love them! 


Melshornet (807 m)

This morning before work me and Hanne went hiking on Melshornet! It was hell. buut the top felt awesome.


there is nothing rarer and more beautiful than liking every song on an album

Roo Panes.. to see you live is now #1 on my bucketlist. 

I was snooking around on Spotify last night, because it happens a lot that I discover treasures like Roo Panes. Listen to THIS playlist and two of his awwwsme songs.


Sunday pt. 2

Sleeping, Mumford and Sounds, pizza, Pepsi Max, funny tweets, tv-series, scrapbooking



The day after Saturday night, that usually is known as "Hangover day"


A night to remember

On Tuesday I became aware of an arrangement happening at the local club. It was open mic, so whoever who wants can go on stage and sing or read a poem for example. There are mostly students from the university, but the locals are also welcome. And on Tuesday I decided that I would celebrate my 20 years, so we did!

It was an awesome night! Everyone was happy and we didn't even get wasted. We didn't actually go to Rokken (the local club) until later because it was packed by the time we got there. So we to the local pub for the first time! Then we went to a pizzeria and had pizza, we actually had to argue in order to sit inside of the restaurant because they were closing in 30 minutes. But we managed to get a table and enjoy our pizza.

 Balloons and wine!

haha this was straight after we were told Rokken was full

And this was when we decided we were going to the pub