In the first semester of 2016 I haven't planned anything. It feels amazing, but it's really frustrating at the same time. When people ask me "what are you doing at the moment?" and I don't have a real answer, only "I might go there, or there, not sure!"

Option number 1 is travel to Nicaragua and do Development 2, if I were to complete that semester I will have my first year of a possible bachelor in development that I will continue to study in Oslo in August. I don't have any need to do this except for experiencing Nicaragua, I heard it's amazing there. School though, not so tempting. My semester in Vietnam was one of the best decisions I've ever made, that's why I keep Nicaragua as one of my options for next year.

Option number 2, Go back to New Zealand! I have a job, friends and freedom. I do love it here and it feels like home and it's a safe option because I know what to expect. However, it might be time to use those months on something new, so I can expand my knowledge even further.

Option number 3, Norway! Stay in Norway and just work and save money. Not tempting, but it might be necessary unfortunately. It only takes a month of being back before I go nuts. However I could work for couple of months then go to Scottland for a couple of weeks, Scottland is on top of my bucketlist.

Option number 4, Australia! This one I discovered yesterday, my old football coach put a job offer out there and I thought why not(??). So I might end up back in Aussie for some time working in a less fancy job that will bring in quite a bit of money and I will be able to get to know the Australian culture instead of the backpacker aspect of it.


Growing up

I can't remember the first time I went to a café by myself to have a hot chocolate and/or a meal, but what I do remember is feeling really awkward, not knowing where to look and what to do with myself.

At the moment I'm living a sweet life in New Zealand, where I spend my time catching up with people and working at a bar and kitchen three times a week. However during the day, literally everyone is at work and the only company I have is my laptop and myself. The easiest thing to do so far has been to just chill all day on netflix and talking to my friends in Norway, which I love (I'm a bed person), but when I do it everyday it gets old.

"Sometimes, you need to be alone. Not to be lonely, but to enjoy your free time being yourself."

Becoming independent is something travelling and being alone has taught me. My mentality now is "just do it" when it comes to doing things that are outside my comfort zone. Going to cafés alone might seem like a easy thing to do and a lot of people might not see how that can be scary for some people. I used to think it was scary as hell, like I explained in the first paragraph. Today I went to Pukekohe and I sat in a cafe waiting for my food and I felt so grown up. I could relax and I was enjoying my own company. My time so far in New Zealand has forced me to become more independent and I love it. And it turns out that all those "love yourself first" quotes are true. And I'm one step closer to finding myself.