Birthday and goodbye

Yesterday my beautiful friend Eileen spent the night! We haven't been together for ages so was awesome to catch up

Straight after work I went to My friend Ingvild's birthday where we had pizza, quiz and we played that game where you "fish" after candy hahaha. Me and Anette came 2nd in the quiizzz ;) 

Ingvild is also moving tomorrow so we said goodbyye :(  




 The weather was tropical and comfortable, we played beerpong, danced..

jäger doesn't make you feel great the morning after so me and Helenah bought chocolate milk and parked in the shade and cured our hangover

Greenland check

Greenland has truly impressed me with it's raw nature, kind people, culture and the little things like the pubs with locals teaching us how to play billard, a guy giving us cod (torsk in Norwegian) because he knew we didn't have anything to eat because the store was closed, and the man from the museum who was so eager to show us around and tell us about their history. No wonder my grandma was mesmerized by this amazing place. Everyone should visit Greenland not only to see the nature, but to see that they don't live in igloos for instance, haha. The icebergs and glaciers are still there for a while, but they will disappear. I am scared for the people of Greenland to see their country ruined by investors from china and USA. Because under all that melting ice there is treasure that the population of 60 000 will only get a tiny percentage of if it falls in the wrong hands. This is meant in a non religious way, but I pray that the people will get the same benefits from the treasures as Norway got from the oil and gas.

I mention this because I'm back to reality in Norway, brutally taken away from an adventure in Greenland. I want to spread the word about how great Greenland is, and hopefully bring some friends or family there one day. 

I love you Greenland, and I will be back.


Day two, Nanortalik

What a day! First we ate breakfast where our grandma's took a shot of "gammel dansk" as they do every morning.

 Today a cruiseship was coming to Nanortalik so the locals had put up a show for us tourists. Mainly dance and choir

 but also showing us what they wore and the boats they used. The museum was open so we learned heeaps. 

Everything was open for tourists today so me and Tuva explored the church a little more than we think was allowed. We went in a door, leading for the church bell and we found this in the window on the way up 
As u can see a lot of dead flies... Yuck

Later me, Tuva and Susanne went to the football field and watched an oldboys game! We ordered hot dogs, but had to wait an hour before we actually got them because they hadn't turned on the grill.. 

Because we got the hot dog so late, it was almost time for dinner. The dinner was at the hotel, Kap Farvel, and we had whale!! Didn't like it.. 
After dinner a Canadian told us there was a pool table and a pub at the hotel and that we should come, so we did! Turns out these men are a crew of rock climbers from Two Tales beer, making a documentary and a commercial for their brand! The creator of the company bought us drinks all night and played pool, we also learned a new pool game that the Greenlanders call Biljard. It was such an awesome night that I will never forget:)
This guy is from Brazil and was the director of the documentary. He won two Cannes gold! 
Selfie with the man himself! Awesome man. 

Aand everyone!

This photo sums up the night.



Atm I'm lying in my favorite hostel(edit: thought I posted this in Denmark but for some reason didn't post), Generator hostel placed in the middle of Copenhagen. It's close to everything, and it is very easy to get there from the airport since the metro is a 5-minute walk  from the hostel. 

The reason I'm in Copenhagen is because tomorrow I'm heading to Greenland with this lovely group of people! Where one of them is my grandma. My sister is also coming, but she didn't arrive until later today. 

When we got into the city we had an amaaaaazing meal at top burger or something. We had roastbeef and the most amazing fries I have ever tasted. It was very cheap aswell to be that good. I paid 150kr for tons of beef. We even had to slice it up ourselves

The others doesn't stay at the generator, only me and my sister. We decided to go there to chill because it's an awesome place to relax. The old women left me and Tuva there so we had a beer and played darts and pool. 

I actually won in darts:):):)

After we had some fun at the hostel we went to find our grannys and they left to go back to their hostel. In the meanwhile, while I was waiting for my sister to arrive with the metro I explored some of the cool art Copenhagen had to offer 

Cool aye? 

Theen i met my sister and we went to the dairy and had dinner. We also met some awesome Americans and a French girl in our dorm at the hostel that we got to know! The French girl was actually
On her way to færeøyene(???) to protest against their brutal slaughter of whales! 

That was today and ill tell everything about our trip to Greenland in ten days:D 

Nanortalik day one

The easiest I have ever woken up was this day at the hostel. It was super warm because some idiot closed the window. Perks of living in a hostel dorm! We had a nice breakfast at the hostel and I stole some Nutella to bring to Greenland. Then we took the metro to the airport and met the other ladies we are travelling with.

The flight to Narsarsuaq was about 4 and a half hours. When we reached Greenland we could spot the icebergs from the plane and it was a special moment for all of us I think. Especially for my grandma who had been in Greenland 14 years ago! 

The airport in Narsasuaq was very old, it actually hadn't changed since my grandma was there the last time! 

We waited at the airport for our ride to Nanortalik about 40minutes. And the ride was a helicopter! 
Me and my sister got the best seats, on the side if the chopper. And wow what an amazing trip. Just look: 

It was hilarious when we reached Nanortalik and they picked up our luggage with a tractor!

Nanortalik is a small town with about 1400 citizens, and we could walk everywhere. The three nights we where there we stayed in a "hostel" called "the Mathilde house". The house was very old but adorable. Placed right by the coast so our breakfast view was the ocean with icebergs spread like icecubes.

And we touched a iceberg!! Glad we did because it was gone the next morning. 

If u go to Greenland don't bring shorts and T-shirts, but whool, hat and windproof clothes. The wind can be freezing because if the icebergs. But it's amazing sitting outside when the sun is shining. We have been very lucky with the weather so far!