A night to remember

On Tuesday I became aware of an arrangement happening at the local club. It was open mic, so whoever who wants can go on stage and sing or read a poem for example. There are mostly students from the university, but the locals are also welcome. And on Tuesday I decided that I would celebrate my 20 years, so we did!

It was an awesome night! Everyone was happy and we didn't even get wasted. We didn't actually go to Rokken (the local club) until later because it was packed by the time we got there. So we to the local pub for the first time! Then we went to a pizzeria and had pizza, we actually had to argue in order to sit inside of the restaurant because they were closing in 30 minutes. But we managed to get a table and enjoy our pizza.

 Balloons and wine!

haha this was straight after we were told Rokken was full

And this was when we decided we were going to the pub

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