my (family) week

This week has been all work and family. My family on my mother's side are all in Ørsta (the closest town), but my dad's family are spread around the country. And this week I met just about the whole bunch. Other than that I work everyday at the supermarket and hang out with friends. Some of my friends have already left the town for the year and I wont see them till next summer...

my favorite cousins! I might go to Dusseldorf with Ada (the one on the bottow photo) in October! 

And now it's 2.30 AM and I just finished my Sex and the City (mini) Marathon. Me and Ada started watching the final season yesterday. I finished this morning before work with the season, after work i watched both movies. SATC has to one of the best series ever made. 

keep calm and Carrie on 

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