18 days

There is so much I have to take care of so my feelings are mixed about leaving so soon. I have to go to Oslo on Friday to fix my Vietnam visa. Silly me didn't think about it earlier..It's too risky sending my passport in the mail so close to the trip

Other events this month has been going out to Rokken events such as open mic, quiz and disco. We should get a vip entrance because we go there so much. 

I bought hostel-chill-friendly clothes

Taken mirrorselfies 

And enjoyed the weather (from inside)

Yesterday I had an early shift at work so I watched three love-movies. First "The Fault In Our Stars" that made me cry 10 times. Since i cried so much I watched "Frozen" as second, and the third movie was "Endless Love". If you are a tumblr girl like me you must have seen gifs and photos of the movie and even reblogged stuff from the movie. I didn't know the gif bellow was from the movie. And while this car scene and a bunch of other cool scenes was playing, the best part was actually the song. Pumpin Blood- NONONO was playing and I was almost crying because I loved life as I watched the movie and listened to the song.

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