Oslo, costumes and a trip to Ålesund

Is what I've been doing this month. Last Friday I had to fly down to Oslo to get my Vietnam Visa. The process didn't take longer than 5 minutes.
So with no money for shopping and terrible weather, there was no cheaper option than McDonalds. I think I sat there for an hour before heading over to the central station to meet my sister.

A long day, but getting the visa was definitely worth it.

"Oktoberfest" is also a tradition in Norway. We dressed up and had a blast! 

On Friday 31st (aka Halloween), two of my dearest friends were celebrating their 19th and 20th birthday. 

And today it's 7 days until takeoff!! Me and Hanne met in Ålesund to do some final preparations for the trip. I finally got my international drivers license so I'm all set for Australia. 

 Change the background to the Sydney Opera house and that will be me in 7 days :))

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