In the first semester of 2016 I haven't planned anything. It feels amazing, but it's really frustrating at the same time. When people ask me "what are you doing at the moment?" and I don't have a real answer, only "I might go there, or there, not sure!"

Option number 1 is travel to Nicaragua and do Development 2, if I were to complete that semester I will have my first year of a possible bachelor in development that I will continue to study in Oslo in August. I don't have any need to do this except for experiencing Nicaragua, I heard it's amazing there. School though, not so tempting. My semester in Vietnam was one of the best decisions I've ever made, that's why I keep Nicaragua as one of my options for next year.

Option number 2, Go back to New Zealand! I have a job, friends and freedom. I do love it here and it feels like home and it's a safe option because I know what to expect. However, it might be time to use those months on something new, so I can expand my knowledge even further.

Option number 3, Norway! Stay in Norway and just work and save money. Not tempting, but it might be necessary unfortunately. It only takes a month of being back before I go nuts. However I could work for couple of months then go to Scottland for a couple of weeks, Scottland is on top of my bucketlist.

Option number 4, Australia! This one I discovered yesterday, my old football coach put a job offer out there and I thought why not(??). So I might end up back in Aussie for some time working in a less fancy job that will bring in quite a bit of money and I will be able to get to know the Australian culture instead of the backpacker aspect of it.

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