Come, sweet May

Wooow, shiiiiiit. This last month has been a rollercoaster. I have now been a russ for 17 days, and I think 17 days was enough. There is so much to tell and so many photos to share!!

The adventure started April 30th, we started drinking at 1pm and I don't think I fell asleep until 5-6 am. During those hours a lot happened, but these are the two main events:

1. I got injured chasing kids throwing waterbaloons.. looks worse than it is, but I had to go to emergency room at the hospital to stich me up. I didn't feel any pain until the morning..

2. The christening! This is a very long tradition, making it official that we are russ. We all get a name that we write on our own hat, then the priest preach "I hereby christen you ..name.." and you get wine or another form of alcohol in you face. My name was "blackout", because I have had a couple of blackouts..

This photo was one of the first ones taken! happiness. "finally our turn to say cheers!"

we took some selfies

we also walked from where the christening was (Ørsta), and all the way to Volda! I didn't actually walk the entire way, but halfway.. :D

The rest of the night is a blur, except the trip to the hospital of course. 

To be continued!! 

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