Skageflå, Geiranger

Today me, my mum, sister and her two friends from her UWC-college went on a mesmerizing trip to Skageflå* in Geiranger. That place is so beautiful and full of adventures..

First we drove to the ferry, that took us to Geiranger in an hour through amazing landscape

Then we jumped on another ferry that dropped us off at Skageflå, where we walked in a steep hill for approx. 30 minutes. This was our walking view

Finally we reached Skageflå! It's an old dairy farm, with cute houses and a nice old couple fixing the roof

just imagine waking up to this

For my future visitors, this is what you can expect if you come for a visit! 

Skageflå*- This was where we hiked. The return track to Geiranger took us two hours and wasn't nearly as beautiful as the first 30 minutes up to Skageflå, but there are a couple of viewpoints.

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