This will be one of my last posts about russ, haha.

This is what we wear for 17 days, red pants and hoodies! We make the pants personal by ironing(?) our name on.

we do a lot of random stuff, like hanging up a shoe on a roadsign

 we got donuts sponsored twice!

we watched 3 football games, where we sat behind one of the goals on our van

we had nice nights on Årneset, where we had a barbecue and got drunk 

 we took some shots

we painted random people in the face with neon

we kidnapped a firstgrader

woke up some classmates

and the president

we woke a lot of people up

 and I had sports hangover with paint in my face

 we took selfies with random people

we painted the roof of our school gym (this is tradition),  we wrote #voldaruss14

This has been an amazing time with amazing friends. I miss our van <3 

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