Moulin Rouge, big church, Cool Bohemian Street, Louvre, Eiffel Tower

Second day

The second day in Paris me, Manuel, Laura and Fabienne decided to have a adventuretest and walk around in Paris. We had stunning weather with blue sky and the wind wasn't bad at all. We started walking at Notredam and walked down by the river. When we came to the bridge with all the locks we met a old couple who actually celebrated their 50 years anniversary, and they had a lock <3 Then we walked to the Eiffel tower -> Arc de Triumph -> Champs Elysse -> CAMILLA! We finally picked up our Swedish girl at McDonalds of course.. With her she brought a Beautiful Indonesian girl, Levana. We stayed with Levana and two other girls from Indonesia at New Years.

Third day

Quoting from diary; 

"Dear Diarreah
First we slept in (not on purpose), then we went to this MASSIVE church (*) and we climbed 300 (!!) steps and the view was AMAZING, but so freakin cold. On the way up to the church we were "attacked" by some boys from Ghana and they forced us to listen to some "Hakuna Matata" bullshit while they braided a bracelet. They actually expected a lot of money for this and some of us are smarter than others.. Laura gave her guy 10euros while I didn't even give 1euro.. 

After the church we went through a cool bohemian street with lots of cool artists who painted beautiful paintings. This was were i bought my first crepe. Then we to a erotic museum where I bought a condom and some really cool stamps, but i lost it.. We went back to the hostel and made a nice dinner. We played a smarties game called "not so smarty" and we thought the night was over but it wasn't! We went on an adventuretest to the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower. On the way we actually got a really good view of the Eiffel tower from a hotel window because it was x-mas (**). Then we got crepe and went on the Pariswheel and took a taxi home to our dear hostel."

The view from the hotel

This night was one of the best nights. So spontaneous and just nice. If you travel in a group, don't go to bed at 10 just because you are tired. Adventure awaits..

(*) MASSIVE church- I could never remember the name, but the church is Sacre coeur and is definitely worth a visit. Cost: Basilica free; dome €6, crypte €3, combined ticket €8

(**) Because it was x-mas- A very inside slogan. Basically started when we were walking down Champs Elysse and spotted a medium sized slide. We paid 4Euros for 4 tickets, but the tickets were only meant for two people. One ticket gets two tickets=two rides at the slides. And we were four, so the guy didn't let all four of use the 4 tickets at first because it wasn't ment to work like that. I then said "It's x-mas!" And he smiled and let us into the slide.. Awesome moment. We used this trick other places, such as the hotel. We received a key card and had to be really quick into the room to spot the beautiful view. The owner of the room were supposed to check in around when we were there so I had quite a bit of adrenaline pumping. 

This is as far as my diary goes so end of story! 

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