May, the month of the year with no rules. 

The year we graduate we become "Russ". It's the closest thing to a Norwegian carneval you can get, and it's celebrated at just about every school in Norway. And it's not a small event. I have been exited to be a Russ since the first time I saw one. 

You basically get a group of friends (this is not compulsory) and you buy a old van that has either been used by Russ before you, or you get one that hasn't been painted red yet. My school only have the "redruss", but you can see them in black, blue and even green I think. 

The day we bought our van<3 It's big and can fit 9 people!! 

Clothes are important. There are two big companies that earn waay to much money on this celebration. I have bought fleece, sweatpants and different accessories. And of course the mandatory red pants and hats. In May, the red pants (and hats, but we hardly wear them) are the symbol of russ. Wherever they walk, screaming kids come running after them asking for their personal card. Yes, we hand out personalised cards with little slogans on them. We also have a list with "quests". For each quest you complete you get something in your hat. It could be kissing a junior, having sex with the president(of the school, we have a board of russ), and having sex in the forest. For example for the sex in the forest quest you get a cone that you have to tie to your hat.. 

We get drunk everyday and we cruise around in our vans (these vans have a theme and name aswell) and do silly pranks to people. Like shooting water at little kids, change up roadsigns, and put random stuff in the roundabouts. Did I mention the drinking? Everyday is a party. The only downside to this massive celebration is that we have school and mockexams the same period. Because this celebration starts 1. May and ends 17th May (NATIONAL DAY, the whole town are going in sort of a train around the town and it's reeeally cool). Right before the freakin exams starts later in May and June... Everyone is really exited for this and it will be worth the wait!! 

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