Preparation, the travel and the first nigth in Paris


The thing about Paris was that I wasn't really prepared for the trip. My sister had to force me to ask for the hostel adress and my dad really tried to teach me the metro system. I guess I just had a bad habit of coming unprepared because I want things to be done spontaneously. My sister then told me a really simple but meaningful quote;
"Plan to be spontaneous"
So instead of arriving in Paris, having no clue where to find the hostel, no sense of direction and no way to contact my friends that are down there (because I hadn't saved my friends numbers until my sister asked me if I had). I asked Laura (my host sister in New Zealand, from Switzerland) for the adress, I tried to understand the metro system, I printed a map and I saved the numbers. I have the basics ready, so I can be both safe and spontaneous!

(The map look so simple now, haha) 

Getting there 

Quoting from diary:

"on the plane from Hovden (Ørsta/Volda) - Gardermoen, I sat next to a national celeb! I actually had the guts to talk to him and he could actually remember that he met my dad earlier this year!! Awesome." This "celeb's" name is Are Kalvø and he is one of the norwegian comedians I actually find hilarous.

"Been waiting for the plane 1 hour now. Time is going too slow. I just want to find Laura, Manuel, Camilla and Fabienne asap. Bought a slice of pizza at Pizzahut for breakfast. Best breakfast ever. 

The first night 

 Quoting from diary; 

"After a really cool taxi trip where the taxi driver loved my arab (I know a couple of slogans)! Laura and Fabienne (Laura's best friend who joined her impulsive trip to Paris) met me and we went on an adventuretest(*) to find Manuel at Gare du Nord (On of the main train stations). On the way we met a creepy santa and a nice man who showed us what metro to take. We waited at Gare du Nord for a long time and we decided to scare/surprise him when he got out of his train. Long story short; he found us before we did, hahaha. On the way home we witnessed a car robbery and a guy getting beat up across the street! So scary, but welcome to Paris. We bought pasta and made a nice dinner at the hostel. "

SELFIE TIME (**) #1, waiting for Manuel

Finally found our Chilean

hostels have limited kitchen equipment

Laura cooking 

Our first dinner in Paris, eating our first french baguette 

In the elevator! And very exited to meet Camilla later (Swedish friend that I met on a Cisv Seminar in Thailand)

(*) Adventuretest is basically going on an adventure, doesn't have to be a big adventure but something new and cool.

(**) Selfie time was frequently used to "mock" the scandinavian selfie-culture and a good excuse to take more photos.

To be continued.. !!

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