Summer 13' Bibione Pineda, Italy

27th of December 2012 I went to Thailand on a three week Cisv seminar (1) with youths my age. We lived pretty closed together for those weeks and got to know each other really well. We were a little community. Like we do on every camp, we discussed and dreamt about a possible reunion and how awesome and epic that would be. I never actually thought it would become reality, but it sure did.

Quoting from diary; 

" Bibione Pineda 23.06.13-03.08.13

Bibione.. sleep-->tan-->get drunk
Only left with awesome memories. I even miss climbing that stupid gate(2). Shisha at the beach, foam party at Shiny (3), buying alcohol at the supermarket everyday and the restaurant with wifi where the hot bartender and the funny waiters were. Pawn shop and Top crime, sex on the beach, Germans, Manon and the carrot(4), weed, mosquitos(!!), skinny dipping, pizza margerita and fanta for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The tiny electric cars, maxi pizza, GINO (5), the night in Venice, hot police, hot italians, no wifi, beerpong, the aussie drinksong, the little things, gelado, my Amerrican, giving snus to foreign people, annoying the neighbours, swimming in the ocean in a thunderstorm, drinking tequila in a thunderstorm, laughing, Jamie, Elliot, Devon, Camilla, Manon, Mileah, Stefano, Giulia. Thank you for giving me so many memories I can't even digest everything yet. TAKE ME BACK :( "

Italy, Norway, Sweden, USA, Australia and France <3

my sexy french, Manon


maxi pizza. Impossible to describe the joy it gave 3am

Very lazy days.. yes, we had a pool in the apartment complex

We must have watched entire seasons of 'Pawn shop' and 'Top Crime'


Me and Mileah (my Amerrican) got stuck in Venice because we missed our bus home, so we stayed at a very overpriced Bed and Breakfast with no air-condition. This gave me nightmares about mosquitos and not much sleep. 

(1) Cisv seminar (for lost teenagers who dream of a once-in-a-lifetime experience: http://www.cisv.org/cisv-programmes/seminar-camp/

(2) The stupid gate: We lived in an apartment complex and the beach were a 3 minute walk away. But there was a gate with a security thing so we had to enter a code, and we didn't have that code. And the gate was not really hard to climb, but it took a lot of effort. Especially under the influence of alcohol. I think everytime I climbed it I referred to it as "the stupid gate". 

(3) Shiny: I think it was our only nightclub that was an option. It was about 15-25 minute walk from our beach. Everytime it was a new theme, such as foam parties, gay party, hawaii etc.. 

(4) Manon and the carrot: Hahaha it's a very funny story. So we played this game called "Tell her/him". Say I said "omg, he's hot" about someone random in the supermarket. Jamie would go "tell him". When him or anyone says that, I HAVE to tell the guy he is hot. And if I don't.. well I had to put a carrot up my bum.. And this is what happened to our poor french girl Manon. And of course she went through with it. Yes she did use a condom. 

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