New Years in Paris

This night was really cool actually. We did it French style. First we had dinner at this amazing restaurant that I think was jewish. It had been recommended on trip advisor(*) aswell. 

Suddenly we looked at the time, "shit we have to get to the party!". We bought a bottle of Absolut Vodka and orange juice and started the party in the metro where we played shotstop. We literally came to the surface on time (23:58) and I celebrated the New Years with some of the finest people there is. 

I naturally gave everyone at the party snus, not a good idea for everyone.. hehe

The first night of 2014, me and Camilla (Sweden) slept at Paloma and Maeva's place. It's a funny story because I talked to Paloma at the New Years Party and I said we didn't have anywhere to sleep the next day, and she immediately offered her couch to us. I love people!!  

Ohh, and did you ever try to use a hairdryer to fill you air madras?? One of the Life hack tips I learned in Paris.

(*) shotstop-We had around 40 minutes in the Metro, and we didn't want to be sober at the party, naturally. So me and Camilla played a fun drinking game called shotstop, where we literally took a shot of Absolut on every metro stop and there was heeaps. So yeah it got us in the mood.

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