Greenland check

Greenland has truly impressed me with it's raw nature, kind people, culture and the little things like the pubs with locals teaching us how to play billard, a guy giving us cod (torsk in Norwegian) because he knew we didn't have anything to eat because the store was closed, and the man from the museum who was so eager to show us around and tell us about their history. No wonder my grandma was mesmerized by this amazing place. Everyone should visit Greenland not only to see the nature, but to see that they don't live in igloos for instance, haha. The icebergs and glaciers are still there for a while, but they will disappear. I am scared for the people of Greenland to see their country ruined by investors from china and USA. Because under all that melting ice there is treasure that the population of 60 000 will only get a tiny percentage of if it falls in the wrong hands. This is meant in a non religious way, but I pray that the people will get the same benefits from the treasures as Norway got from the oil and gas.

I mention this because I'm back to reality in Norway, brutally taken away from an adventure in Greenland. I want to spread the word about how great Greenland is, and hopefully bring some friends or family there one day. 

I love you Greenland, and I will be back.

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