Nanortalik day one

The easiest I have ever woken up was this day at the hostel. It was super warm because some idiot closed the window. Perks of living in a hostel dorm! We had a nice breakfast at the hostel and I stole some Nutella to bring to Greenland. Then we took the metro to the airport and met the other ladies we are travelling with.

The flight to Narsarsuaq was about 4 and a half hours. When we reached Greenland we could spot the icebergs from the plane and it was a special moment for all of us I think. Especially for my grandma who had been in Greenland 14 years ago! 

The airport in Narsasuaq was very old, it actually hadn't changed since my grandma was there the last time! 

We waited at the airport for our ride to Nanortalik about 40minutes. And the ride was a helicopter! 
Me and my sister got the best seats, on the side if the chopper. And wow what an amazing trip. Just look: 

It was hilarious when we reached Nanortalik and they picked up our luggage with a tractor!

Nanortalik is a small town with about 1400 citizens, and we could walk everywhere. The three nights we where there we stayed in a "hostel" called "the Mathilde house". The house was very old but adorable. Placed right by the coast so our breakfast view was the ocean with icebergs spread like icecubes.

And we touched a iceberg!! Glad we did because it was gone the next morning. 

If u go to Greenland don't bring shorts and T-shirts, but whool, hat and windproof clothes. The wind can be freezing because if the icebergs. But it's amazing sitting outside when the sun is shining. We have been very lucky with the weather so far! 

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