Grotli & Lom

On monday me and some friends had tapas and ice cream. We played "Do you want to be a millionaire" and talked heaps. At the end of the evening me and Hanne (my second companion to the trip) decided to drive to her cabin at Grotli. So we did and the morning after we were supposed to go on a mountain but of course we over-slept and skipped that part of the day. Instead we went straight to Lom, a adorable place with a very famous bakery. The drive to Lom is also very beautiful.

At the cabin

Somewhere between Lom and Grotli

When I came back from Grotli and Lom my dad's iPhone 5 was waiting for me, FINALLY. Me, Hilde and Helenah bought a pizza and today I had my first day at work after what feels like forever.

And this is me now, ready to relax with Teen Wolf and documentaries 

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