Atm I'm lying in my favorite hostel(edit: thought I posted this in Denmark but for some reason didn't post), Generator hostel placed in the middle of Copenhagen. It's close to everything, and it is very easy to get there from the airport since the metro is a 5-minute walk  from the hostel. 

The reason I'm in Copenhagen is because tomorrow I'm heading to Greenland with this lovely group of people! Where one of them is my grandma. My sister is also coming, but she didn't arrive until later today. 

When we got into the city we had an amaaaaazing meal at top burger or something. We had roastbeef and the most amazing fries I have ever tasted. It was very cheap aswell to be that good. I paid 150kr for tons of beef. We even had to slice it up ourselves

The others doesn't stay at the generator, only me and my sister. We decided to go there to chill because it's an awesome place to relax. The old women left me and Tuva there so we had a beer and played darts and pool. 

I actually won in darts:):):)

After we had some fun at the hostel we went to find our grannys and they left to go back to their hostel. In the meanwhile, while I was waiting for my sister to arrive with the metro I explored some of the cool art Copenhagen had to offer 

Cool aye? 

Theen i met my sister and we went to the dairy and had dinner. We also met some awesome Americans and a French girl in our dorm at the hostel that we got to know! The French girl was actually
On her way to færeøyene(???) to protest against their brutal slaughter of whales! 

That was today and ill tell everything about our trip to Greenland in ten days:D 

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