Day two, Nanortalik

What a day! First we ate breakfast where our grandma's took a shot of "gammel dansk" as they do every morning.

 Today a cruiseship was coming to Nanortalik so the locals had put up a show for us tourists. Mainly dance and choir

 but also showing us what they wore and the boats they used. The museum was open so we learned heeaps. 

Everything was open for tourists today so me and Tuva explored the church a little more than we think was allowed. We went in a door, leading for the church bell and we found this in the window on the way up 
As u can see a lot of dead flies... Yuck

Later me, Tuva and Susanne went to the football field and watched an oldboys game! We ordered hot dogs, but had to wait an hour before we actually got them because they hadn't turned on the grill.. 

Because we got the hot dog so late, it was almost time for dinner. The dinner was at the hotel, Kap Farvel, and we had whale!! Didn't like it.. 
After dinner a Canadian told us there was a pool table and a pub at the hotel and that we should come, so we did! Turns out these men are a crew of rock climbers from Two Tales beer, making a documentary and a commercial for their brand! The creator of the company bought us drinks all night and played pool, we also learned a new pool game that the Greenlanders call Biljard. It was such an awesome night that I will never forget:)
This guy is from Brazil and was the director of the documentary. He won two Cannes gold! 
Selfie with the man himself! Awesome man. 

Aand everyone!

This photo sums up the night.

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